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Meet Nicole Elisa

Creating beautifully crafted events
I have been designing and party planning ever since I was old enough. I would get lost in creativity as I created each wonderland, making sure every detail was perfectly in place.  Being the socialite that I am, as I grew older, I became known for throwing the most detailed parties.  Spending hours and hours crafting and designing, every detail had to be perfect. Guests would come just to see the craziness I had concocted that season.  Today, I am blessed to have the support from my friends and family to turn my passion into a full time career. With an eye for perfection and talent for design, my parties will live in your memories for a lifetime. ​

                                                           - Nicole Elisa
 Throwing parties is truly my passion. I love every ounce of designing, planning, preparing and watching everyone enjoy all of my hard work once everything seamlessly comes together. I understand how important every detail is, no matter how small or large, I commit to making everything as perfect as can be. I will be there working with you every step of the way to make sure everything is presented beautifully.
Design, Setup & Management Service
What really sets me apart is my ability to design and party plan. It allows me to create picture perfect details and helps keep the overall cost down.  If there is customized decor out there that you have seen, if I cannot find it, I can surley design it for the cost of materials. I have unique tools that allow me to create decor others would typically pay a lot more for.  In turn my customers get more for their money.  Allow me the opportunity to wow you and your guests, by hiring me to making your event something out of your dreams. No matter how extravagant or intimate, I will give every event my all.
Table Settings
An invitation allows your guests to briefly peer into the looking glass of your event. Invitations gently plant the seed of curiosity, slowly drawing your guests in.  Each invitation and save-the-date is handcrafted and designed to perfection.  
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If you want to be whisked away into a fantasy world, the perfect decor will take you there.  Whether its fresh cut flowers, perfectly placed decorations or all the intricate little details you can think of, your guest  will sure to be  mesmerized by the air of your event
No matter the event, refreshments are typically a main feature in any amazing gathering. Refreshments draw people together and soften boundaries.  By showcasing the settings, you can display your provisions in the most delightful way.

Beautifully Crafted Events