Halloween Party

Each year Joel and I throw a halloween party for all of our family and friends.  This year we decided to do a "Carnevil" themed party. I dressed up as Harley Quinn, and Joel dressed up as a scary clown.  At the time I was just taking pictures for fun, I didn't think I would be posting them online, so sorry if the quality or framing is not that great.  Everything is designed and made by me, with the acceptation of a few carnevil clown posters that were so cheap (and trust me the materials kept falling apart the whole night) that it was a steal just to buy it. In total it takes a little less than a month to leisurely plan this party in my spare time. I'll show you everything from decor, food, animatronics, invitations and more!

I got the idea for the invitation from something I saw online. They wanted to charge an arm and a leg to make them, so with my handy dandy skills, I was able to customize my own for very little. They are double layer cardstock, with a candy bag as the casing. I cut out some tickets I had printed, tied a bow and glued the tickets down so they would not shift. 

I think they came out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

   Next is the food! Because what is a Halloween party without sweets and treats! Since the theme was carnival, I wanted to have foods that someone would typically see at a fair. I like to label everything with a creepy name to give it a spooky touch. We had mini corn dogs (corned dog parts), popcorn (bat brains), Nachos (carnival vomit), blue corn chips (elephant skin). meat and cheese tray (parts of lost children), soft pretzels (twisted bones), fried Twinkies (fried lion toes), Lemonade (elephant urine) ... oh and the list goes on... my version of a Chex mix (carnival hash), monster cookies (actual monster cookies), cupcakes (death by chocolate), candy cane layered Jell-O shots, vodka soaked orange and purple gummy bears (drunken bears), test tube shots (antidote), AB-Blood punch (raspberry sangria).  I labeled the ketchup, mayo and mustard bottles... tiger book, clown puss, and bear drainage. I told you I go all out!

Joel's daughter "the tourist" checking out the buffet table. 

This was before the food was out, but you can see the setup a bit better.

My cupcake and drink station. We set out about 15 bottles of liquor, but I cropped that out of the photo. You can see Joel watching tv in the bakground right before the party started.

​I forgot to take a picture of the Jello shots, so this is the last one left. They were so cute! The bottom layer was pina colada jello with coconut vodks, the second layer was peach jello with peach vodka ( I hate orange/lime/ lemon flavored jello), and the top layer was pinnaple jello with pinnaple vodka. They was so good and tasted AmAzIng!! It reminded me of a peacy-pina colada. yum yum!! They were gobbled up so fast.
 In the garage I set up a beer pong table with washers, a ring toss game with witches hats (that I made). I can probably get a picture of the witches hats game, but unfortunatlly I forgot to take pictures until and we had already broke everything down.

At the entrance I have the photo booth set up. Usually I construct the backdrop myself, but this year I found the photo booth backdrop was a couple of dollars! For props, I used little halloween masks and hats.
 The fortune teller was my big purchase of the year. She was motion sense activated and gave 5 different fortunes. each fortune was about 15 seconds long. She moved her hand around and pointed to all the different cards. She was stunning. I made both of the banners below and her Psychic sign. I put cob webs all over an old type writer I had and stuck a piece of manila paper in there that said "HELP ME!!!!" in differen font sizes.... like someone was trying to communicate from another world.
I did the bathroom in sort of a whimsical which way. I wanted every room to be completely different. I hung 3 bats from the celling to give it an all around spooky feeling. The witch was absolutely gorgeous! I made the door frame decor myself.

One of the bedrooms was a sergical room with body parts and potions. The guy in the bed moved around when you walked in. The banner in this room was probably my favorate that I had made. For a final touch, I put an electric hedge trimmer on the bed like a chain saw to give it a graphic effect. 
Finally!! We get to the goods!!! You can't have a Carnevil party without carnival games and prizes!! So here is the best part. I chose ring toss, balloon darts, toxic pond and a kissing booth for the games.  At the kissing booth you guess the kisses inside the jar. The girls tried to pull a fast one on me and stole the jar and counted them in there room! There were 185 kisses and Valery guessed 184 and Brianna guessed 186 so I ended up letting them split the bag of candy. I was in shock that they got so close! The next day everyone was laughing at me that I didn't even pick up on it... silly girls.  I made the Kissing booth out of an old pallet and paint. The signs were made in Adobe Illustrator. The kids and adults had a blast trying to get all the tickets from the games. The tickets were used at the Prize table to "buy" prizes.  Each ticket was worth 25 cents, and the prizes ranged from 25 cents to $3.00. 

To decorate the back yard, we put hay bales around the fire pit (although it was entirely too hot to start the fire.... damn Houston weather. They hay bales provided extra seating for the guests. Plus, it adds a whole nother level of cuteness. I have some orange burlap fabric that I usually put over the bales, but for the life of me this year I could not find them. Last minute I had to put towels over them because the hay makes me itch like crazy, plus it prevents embers from flying and catching the bails on fire. We have already caught the curtains on fire at a super bowl party and I am not trying to have a repeat of that! I’ve have also added some pictures of our party go-ers. We had about 45-50 people all together. 
Well, last but shurely not least I have a few pictures of the garage. Like I said earlier, we had beer pong (with orange solo cuts and ping pong balls that looked like eyeballs), washers, and ring toss with witches hats (that I made myself). Beer pong never fails to be a crowd pleaser with my group.  
Well I hope you enjoyed everything about my Halloween party! There are more to come! Thanks again for reading and please feel free to contact me with any question. I genuinely love what I do and I am blessed to be able to do this as my profession. Cheers to another one for the books!!

Carnevil Halloween Party